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does not belong here and I do not know whether her comments can write to it but it would be nice her. Would give me tips.What should I ask myself without UN mandate a so-called punishment by bombs and grenades against Syria to lead. who is to be punished if one does not know exactly who caused and carried out the poison gas attacks in Syria? just a punishment with bombs and grenades will again hit innocent people, that would be murder and I can not advocate, I am against such a punishment action and plead for negotiations with Syria and the hostile parties until the guilty clearly stand and then they are to be

brought to justice. Europeans are ashamed of you, we all are hard-hearted and ruthless scoundrels! We and our European politicians are concerned about the fact that children, women and men are drowning miserably in the Mediterranean in front of Lampedusa. They want nothing but a better life here. We all and our European politicians close their eyes and ears to see and hear. The poor people in front of Lampedusa just leave them dead! This is an unworthy "Christian" Europe - one must be ashamed to be a European. He is interviewed here heinz by klaus Werner. klaus says heinz I have heard you
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